What is Bleach and Why is it so bad for your hair?


             All Brunettes have had the thought at least once if blonds do have more fun? There is only one real way to find out, and that’s to give it a try. However, many who have tried to understand the struggle of attaining that sought-after platinum look. The products an abundance of hairstylists use contain bleach as the active agent responsible for creating the look you want. Although the work comes out looking beautiful, the reality that most start to realize is that it was as if they took a blow torch and lit up their hair. “At least it looks great!” “Pain is beauty,” we say to ourselves, but what is going on with our hair when we use these products. The simple answer to the big question is chemistry. Women don’t realize that their hairstylists are probably the best-looking chemists out there. 

           Hairstylists mix some pretty severe chemicals to create chemical reactions with hair. So, let’s look at the chemistry; everyone has a pretty basic idea of an acid. That corrosive liquid that melts through everything it touches but what most don’t know about are bases and to put it simply bases are acids fraternal twin. Bleach happens to be a rather strong base and typically comes in the form of Hydrogen Peroxide and Ammonia. Melanin is the organic substance that is responsible for giving your hair its natural color. The bleach causes the melanin to rise to the hair’s surface and go through a process called oxidation. This process is dangerous because it more often than not causes the melanin to rise permanently, causing your hair to lose its ability to maintain moisture. Similar to a beautiful rose that doesn’t get water, your pretty hair won’t last long. 

            Let’s also not forget the scalp burn that comes from bleaching because the bleach is a strong base that burns the scalp similarly to the way an acid would. So long story short, you’ll be lucky to leave with a full head of hair after a while. Even with all this information at your disposal, most would still get their hair done regardless because who doesn’t want a beautiful head of hair, especially when there are no other options. But that’s the big lie that there are NO alternatives when, in fact, there is another way, a healthy way that achieves better-looking results than bleach-based products. So, if this is true, why don’t other salons offer such an option. The answer is simple MONEY, isn’t that what it always comes down to at the end of the day. The products that are healthy for your hair are rather expensive, so salon owners have two options: either charge the customer more or lose profits and neither sound appealing to the clients or the owners. 

        Hair Freak is one of the premier locations that pay the extra overhead without raising clients’ prices because healthy hair is just as important to us as beautiful hair. Instead of bleach-based products, we use a unique oil-based system that strengthens hair and produces the exact color you want. Since your hair is healthy after the process, it retains the color better than any bleach-based products and doesn’t develop brassiness. Don’t overpay for beauty with your health call us for a consultation to find out more.

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